Alban Hutter has managed the company since October 2017. After handing over his management role, he will be returning to his former job. From 1999 to 2005, he was previously employed by Maier Packaging as Head of Design. He then moved within the sector to one of the world's market leaders in systems for filling and packaging beverages and liquid foodstuffs, where he was the Head of Development. The new configuration has advantages for both sides, according to Alban Hutter:

"We are pleased to have the opportunity to continue expanding our already close cooperation with Optima and to create new synergies. This benefits the customers on both sides." 

You can read the press release concerning MAIER Packaging becoming part of the OPTIMA packaging group here.


  • In 2018, Maier Packaging became part of the Optima Packaging Group, and a new company building was constructed
  • 2017 Mr Alban Hutter was appointed Managing Director
  • 2016 Format conversion of the Hamba   cup filler
  • 2015 Investment by the Optima Packaging Group
  • 2013 Development of tapered banding
  • 2006 Development of "Liquidos" aseptic shut-off valve
  • 2005 Development of "Servocut" servo punching tool
  • 2003 Development of the "Bodec" soil labeling system
  • 2001 100% buy-back of company shares from GEA AG
  • 2000 Development of an aseptic sealing station (bottle filler)
  • 1999 Complete FFV system for PP cups
  • 1999 Investment by GEA Finnah GmbH in Ahaus
  • 1998 Introduction of 3D CAD
  • 1996 Construction of a complete FFV plant for PS cups
  • 1994 Development of high-performance banding
  • 1991 Conversion of Erca FFV to Maier banding technology
  • 1990 Expansion of the Design and Development Department
  • 1986 First industrial assemblies in dairies
  • 1985 Founding by Mr. Stefan Maierof a sole trader company